Elena Raluca Mazareanu

Meet Elena - an experienced Data Analyst with wide expertise in interpreting and contextualizing data across diverse industries. Her varied experience encompasses industries such as aviation, logistics, rail transportation, and industrial machinery manufacturing.

Proficient in Tableau, Alteryx, PowerBI and programming languages like SQL, her true passion lies in unraveling the mysteries concealed within data. She revels in translating raw data into usable insights, presenting a vibrant picture that supports data-driven decision-making and feeds her never-ending enthusiasm for the realm of analytics.

In her free time, you can often spot her on the basketball court, enjoying the thrill of the game. She also has an insatiable wanderlust and frequently embarks on adventures, exploring new destinations and immersing herself in diverse cultures during her travels.

Retail (Placement 2)

  • Used Google BigQuery's data preparation capabilities to seamlessly integrate complex datasets in the coffee market analysis project. This process involved a meticulous approach to organizing, cleansing, and transforming raw data into a structured format suitable for analysis and visualization
  • Employed advanced data visualization techniques in the creation of the dashboards, facilitating clear and impactful presentation of trends and insights, empowering the client to quickly identify market trends and make informed decisions to drive growth and competitive advantage in the dynamic coffee market
  • Implemented automated data refresh schedules within the dashboards, ensuring that the client always has access to the most recent insights and trends


Data Visualization: Tableau, PowerBI

Data Preparation: Alteryx, SQL, Tableau Prep, Google BigQuery

Key competencies

  • Project management
  • Requirements gathering
  • Proactive and forward-thinking communication
  • Structured work
  • Team-oriented

SiB & Other Projects

Industrial Sensors (short-term project)
  • - Engaged in workflow management, enhanced efficiency, and documentation best practices using Alteryx - Enhanced data accuracy in PowerBI’s data model and reports - Improved client relationship and satisfaction by demonstrating DS capabilities
IT Services and IT Consulting (internal projects)
  • - Transferred an existing Tableau dashboard to a template for consistency in reporting, improved dashboard functionality, and created new insights - Compiled a comprehensive customer list using Alteryx, reduced data redundancy for a more effective customer list management - Created dashboards for the marketing department for increased engagement and audience reach on LinkedIn

Experience before the Data School

  • Statista: Senior Researcher in Transportation and Logistics (5 years)
  • Transa: Working Student in Warehouse Management (3 years)
  • Studies: Environmental Engineering (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)

Customer Quotes

“Elena did a fantastic job and I learned also a lot from her. She performed excellent” - Sjoerd

Aviation KPIs

Chocolate Ratings

Romania vs Europe ICT



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