Jan Kaiser

Jan is a Data Analyst who helps clients to get the most out of their Data. He turns complex datasets and business models into clear insights and actionable results.

Jan graduated with a master's degree in meteorology from the University of Hamburg, Germany. During this time he already analyzed climate data from observations and model simulations. After graduation he worked in climate research at two german research institutes where he learned to handle large amounts of data while working with numerical climate models.

He is currently in his third placement at a private medical billing service. There he creates dashboards for the client's customers, which are embedded in a customer portal. His tasks also include checking data quality and preparing the data using SQL and Tableau Prep Builder. He recently presented the finished product to various end users and at conferences. In addition to his development tasks, his responsibilities include the maintenance of the customer's Tableau server and project documentation with Notion.

Other recent work includes building and transforming dashboards for clients from a variety of industries. In addition, he trains clients and other data analysts in Tableau and Alteryx, and he helps clients troubleshoot dashboard issues or provides server support.

Jan is passionate about UI/UX design, geospatial analysis and API integration. In addition to his technical skills, he is proficient in project management and skilled at gathering requirements.


Data Visualization: Tableau & Python

Data Preparation: Alteryx, Tableau Prep, SQL & Python


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